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Ceremony Enhancements

Hand Fasting Ceremony

The original meaning of “tying the knot”. A Celtic tradition where the hands are tied with ribbons / cloth in the shape of the infinity symbol to symbolise the bringing together of the two hearts in a marriage of strength and unity forever.

Unity Candle

The candle symbolises the joining of the couple in marriage as well as the joining of their two original families. The couple’s parent/parents can also light a candle place beside the couples candle to acknowledge their children moving forward together yet they as parents will still keep a candle lit in the window if they, the children ever need to find their way home.

Sand Blending Ceremony

A sand blending ceremony is memorable way to make each individual of your new family feel like a special part of your wedding ceremony. The bride and groom pour different sand colors from small cylinders into one larger cylinder to represent their blended family.

Sand ceremonies are great way to include your family especially children into your wedding ceremony by giving each member a small cylinder of sand to pour. The celebrant can also play a part in your sand unity by pouring white sand in first to represent the faith you've put into your marriage.

Tree Planting Ceremony

Plant a tree together with a little soil from your childhood home. An option is to have the parents water it to symbolize the way they have been an influence in teaching and encouraging love. After the ceremony, take the potted tree, and transplant it at the newlywed’s home to symbolize putting down roots, longevity, and strength within this marriage.

Ring Warming Ceremony

The wedding rings can be passed around the room on a pillow or in a bag. The celebrant can explain a little about it right at the beginning of the ceremony. Everyone holds the rings for a few seconds and says a little blessing/prayer for them. Then by the time the vows are said the rings have made their way all the way around the room and all loved ones have given their blessings.

An alternative is to have them displayed at the ceremony entrance, and have people give their blessings before they sit down.

Wishing Stone Ceremony

Guests will be asked to take a stone and hold onto it throughout the ceremony. Just before the vows the guests will be told by the celebrant ‘When you arrived, you were given a stone to hold in your hand during the wedding ceremony. Bride and Groom chose these stones as symbols of your special relationship, love, good wishes and heartfelt blessings to them.

Following the ceremony, the Bride and Groom invite you to place the stones with your personal blessing for them as a newly married couple into the special container on the table as you leave the ceremony area.

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